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List Description
200b MAT 200B course mailing list
200c MAT 200C Course Mailing List
201a MAT201A
201b MAT 201B (Computing with Media Data) Course mailing list
202 mailing list for MAT 202
240 MAT 240 (Digital Audio Programming) Course List
242 MAT 242 Course: Audiophile Engineering
256 Visual Design Through Algorithms: Explorations of Visual Perception
259 Visualizing Information - A course to investigate the organization of info
275 MAT 275 (Music Systems Programming using SuperCollider) Course List
594cm list for spatial computation and graphics coding
594cp [no description available]
594g [no description available]
594o MAT 594O - "Sensors for the Arts" course list
594p 3D Immersive Time Based Media Composition and Interactive Installation for the Allosphere
Afrobrazilian UCSB Afro-Brazilian ensemble
Allocore AlloCore developers' list
Allosphere [no description available]
Allosphere-audio [no description available]
allosphere-wg Allosphere Working Group
Alloteam [no description available]
Arts102 [no description available]
Cocoa-dev cocoa development in MAT
Community [no description available]
Composers Announce list for UCSB composers.
core-faculty [no description available]
create-staff CREATE staff
CSL CREATE Signal Library Project List
d3D d3D: Digital 3D, in its many forms.
dawg Digital Audio Work Group Mailing List
Fubar2 Another Test List
glv OpenGL Application Kit
Integration [no description available]
Javascript [no description available]
Lua-av Lua and audiovisual art
Mailman [no description available]
mat-lecturer [no description available]
mat-recruit [no description available]
mat233 Mailing list for MAT 233
Mat254 Arts-Engineering Research: Research, Process, and Records
Max Max/MSP/Jitter users at UCSB
media_api Portable APIs for sound and MIDI
Media_api [no description available]
melscript Computational Design with Intelligent Systems through Scripting
New-students [no description available]
Rhythm-seminar Class list for Matt Wright's Computational Rhythm Processing Seminar
Sensors [no description available]
Sphere CNSI Sphere Design List
Spinor Geometric algebra research group
Studios Mailing list to post any relevant information related to CREATE's labs.
Tracking [no description available]
Translist Transvergence
Versor [no description available]
Vislist Vislist
Worldchanging Transdisciplinary Seminar on Sustainable Futures

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